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Josh Lafazan

Josh Lafazan is the Democratic representative for New Yorks 3rd congressional district and strong crypto sympathizer.

Campaign Statements

Cryptocurrency is more prevalent now than before, and I believe that Cryptocurrency is a positive force for good in the world not only as a new technology but as a tool for financial freedom.

As a Member of Congress, I plan on expanding upon what I have done thus far to improve our Crypto on a larger scale.

Cryptocurrency Task Force – Once elected into Office, I will create a Task Force that will be comprised of a broad panel of experts in the industry be charged with exploring how Crypto can help bolster Nassau's economy and how it can best attract companies in this space to move to our county, and the modernization of the broadband and wireless capabilities of Nassau's buildings and properties.

Supply = Demand - Cryptocurrency innovation is allowing an immediate transaction between two parties, with a complete and accessible public ledger, all without the requirement of an intermediary will offer the same technological opportunities as the internet did back in 1983.

Campaign Support